Welcome To Shop Doggs, Inc.

Welcome to Shop Doggs, your trusted partner for both exceptional auto body services and comprehensive automotive care! We understand the importance of maintaining the appearance and structural integrity of your vehicle.

Meet the Shop Doggs

Chase King (Left)  Mark Christensen (Right)

Chase King (left)

A second-generation auto enthusiast, is the co-founder and owner of Shop Doggs, Inc. His journey into the world of automotive repairs is not just a career choice but a continuation of a family legacy that spans generations.

From a young age, Chase found himself captivated by the hum of engines and the artistry of auto body work, thanks to the mentorship of his grandfather, Mark Christensen. Growing up in the repair shop, Chase's hands-on education started early, with each oil change and every repair serving as a lesson in craftsmanship and dedication.

Chase's love for tinkering and his natural knack for understanding the intricacies of vehicles set the foundation for his future in the industry. His commitment to learning and improving, combined with a deep respect for the family tradition, led Chase to co-found Shop Doggs, Inc. with his grandfather.

Mark Christensen (Right),

The patriarch of Shop Doggs, Inc., is not only the co-founder but also the guiding force behind the family-owned business. With decades of experience in auto body services, Mark's journey began with his own grandfather, passing down a legacy of skill, precision, and a love for all things automotive.

Mark's early years were spent in his grandfather's repair shop, where he absorbed invaluable knowledge and techniques that would later become the cornerstone of his successful career. His commitment to excellence and an eye for detail soon made Mark a respected figure in the industry.

Determined to preserve and extend the family legacy, Mark has been instrumental in mentoring his grandson, Chase King. The seamless transfer of auto body techniques and repair skills from one generation to the next is a testament to the strong bond between grandfather and grandson.